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The value of clean glass is reflected in a great view. Clean windows brighten the room making both the inside and the outside of your home or office more inviting. But often windows are overlooked. The accumulation of dirt and debris create a gradual haze and you may not even realize your windows need attention. Often times our customers tell us "I didn't realize how dirty my windows were!" after we have cleaned their windows. If you are wondering how much of a difference we can make on your home give us a call! We know what it takes to clean glass and we will reach beyond your expectations to improve your view!



With high-powered machines and surgical precision, the Diamond Clean team leaves properties across the GVA looking pristine, ensuring you the best gutter cleaning in Vancouver. Power washing driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and every other part of your property will leave it in showroom condition, making it the envy of the neighbourhood. Contact us to get your free estimate now! Drainage services included.




Are mosses and algae darkening your exterior and becoming an eyesore?  Don't let your house ruin!  Our advanced intelligent gentle washing system safely cuts through dirt and protects your home from damage without the damaging effects of power washing.  Our gentle washing method is powerful enough to clean the dirt and keep it from coming back, yet gentle enough not to damage its structure or coating.  Contact us today to find out how PRIME exterior cleaning method extends the life of your home.



Experience the powerful and delicate cleaning abilities of our siding soft wash smart system. You haven't had a real siding cleaning until you've tried PRIME soft wash services. Power washing could seriously damage your home and decrease the longevity of your siding. Our cleaning service gives you all the benefits of a powerful clean and none of the drawbacks of overpowered water hitting your siding and seeping into the walls. Blasting away that mold, algae, and grime without ever risking damage to your home is just one of the many benefits our siding soft wash service brings you.




Let Prime Cleaning be your first line of defense against damaging moss. Our roof de-mossing treatments brings new life to your roof and protect your home from structural deficiencies. If your home is starting to look like it needs moss removal, then trust the company that provides a 24-month moss-free guarantee. We employ trained and uniformed technicians, and we never use damaging pressure washers. If you’re ready to get rid of the green and make your home look like-new again, then we can help you be moss-free for years!



Why do we need to keep gutters clean and clear? If your gutters are overflowing with debris, they’ll soon be overflowing with rainwater. If gutters are not effectively diverting water away from your home, it may seep back onto your roof or flow down into your basement. Additionally, clogged gutters may gather stagnant water, effectively creating a breeding ground for pests and bacteria.

The added weight of debris and stagnant water may also cause them to sag or, in extreme cases, pull away from your home altogether.

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Prime Commercial Cleaning is a new and innovative, fully insured cleaning company founded by Luis Azevedo in 2015. We provide services for all types of businesses and with the outstanding training and attention to detail. Our company is ready to prove its quality to each of its customers.

You can rest assured that you, the client, will be dealing directly with the owner of the company as we strive to reach the extra mile with our reliable and efficient staff to attain a spotless space after a busy day of work. Our staff works quickly and professionally without overlooking small corners and bacteria filled areas that may come in direct contact with personnel.

Our company works to meet your needs whether it might be scheduling, pricing or proficiency. We are confident that our company can provide outstanding services while meeting all the needs and specifications. If you are searching for a new cleaning company to work with or if you are thinking about changing your current cleaners. Prime Commercial Cleaning, Inc. will be pleased to take care of all your cleaning necessities.



950 Watertown Street, Suite 6

West Newton, MA 02465

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